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Submissions on the draft Planning Regulation, State Planning Policy and State Development Assessment Provisions

  • Draft State Planning Policy (SPP)
    Please provide your feedback on the following parts of the draft SPP:
  • Part E: State interest policies
  • Part G: Appendices
  • The draft SPP
    The draft SPP aims to provide a clear expression of the state’s interests in land use planning and development, with improved performance based policies.
  • The relationship between the SPP and other instruments
    The state’s planning instruments (including the Planning Regulation, regional plans and the State Development Assessment Provisions) each have a distinct role and function. The primary purpose of the SPP is to express the state interests in land use planning and development and in particular, guide local governments in preparing and amending their planning schemes. The plan making and development decisions of state and local government should promote these state interests to help secure a liveable, sustainable and prosperous Queensland.
  • Draft State Development Assessment Provisions (SDAP)
    Please provide your feedback on the following parts of the draft SDAP 2.0:
  • Proposed Planning Regulation
    Changes that reflect the outcomes of the review of state interests expressed in the proposed Planning Regulation, draft State Planning Policy and draft State Development Assessment Provisions are included in blue text in the proposed Planning Regulation.
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